Site style refresh

I haven't the forethought or gameplan to actually version my site, but I think I could probably call this a minor bump (probably in the neighborhood of 0.3.0 0.4.0).

The biggest change has been improving the typography. Here, I owe Matthew Butterick (I think I stumbled across him in a different context). He helped light a fire under me to get myself off system fonts, recommended IBM Plex among good free fonts, and wrote this. Self-hosting fonts is something I've wanted to do (once again, I owe Chris Krycho building in public), and seeing this site using Plex Serif (and better spacing) makes me happy.

I haphazardly pulled my CSS from various sources for the first version of this site, and after looking at a number of CSS "resets," I stumbled upon normalize.css while digging around Steph Ango's site (I very much like its chosen shade of background color in light mode). I appreciate its annotations, which provide a jumping-off point for more investigation into the history of browsers and their variegated rendering quirks.

Finally, I'm down to one 📚 emoji to break up the visual quiet. ☕, 💻, 🍜, 🎹, and 🙏🏼 still all can be found on this site, at least on this post!